I can't set 1650x1080 HELP!

Hello there, I just bought a 22"TV, and when I connect it as my monitor with a HDMI cable the picture looks all strecthed. I tried to set the resolution on all possible ways but it automatic gets to 1600x900 or some other resolution. When I connect my 17" COMPAQ monitor it has the resolution 1650x1080 but on my tv there are only 1600x900 and 1900x1080. My graphics card is an nVidia 9800gt and I'm running XP.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hi,

    Which tool are you using to set your resolution nvidia control panel or windows?

    Also have you tried creating your own resolution via the nvidia control panel.

    As a further point when you say a 22" TV is it actually a TV or is it a monitor; some TV's will have reduced resolutions in comparison to monitors.

    Does the tv/monitor have a VGA/DVI port which you can try; HDMI can be awkward with resolutions at times.

    Please answer the above questions and I will get back to you as soon as.
  2. You are only going to be able to run your system at resolutions supported by the display and the PC/laptop. Remember, LCDs/LEDs have what is called a "native resolution". Sounds like yours is 1920x1080 (1080p/1080i). Operating at any other resolution will require "stretching" (scaling) the image or black bars around the image.
  3. I tried to set my resolution with both, nvidia control panel and with windows
    also i tried making my own resolution but nothing happens t just changes the resolution on 1600x900 or 1900x1080, and yes it is a TV, but I haven't tried any other connection just trough hdmi.
  4. What TV is it? Do you It's native resolution?
  5. It's an LCD TV, I tried all given resolutions but the picture is streched up all times or it shows the picture but with a bit cropped of all sides
  6. Could you tell me the exact model?
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