Need a cheap 7.1 card

I need to pick up a 7.1 card for my machine at work and I was looking for some advice. I would prefer a cheap one and it doesn't need to be high quality. Windows 7 compatibility is a must. Any suggestions?
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  1. ASUS Xonar DX.
  2. Do you want a cheap card or an inexpensive card? Big difference.
  3. Either, really. My computer at work doesn't even have onboard 7.1 so I'm mostly just looking for the capability to be able to hook my headset (Razer Tiamat) up. Since all the sound/music is just going to be in the background while I work, quality isn't a huge issue.
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  5. I'll look into what slots this PC has open but I'll probably end up going with the cheapy $19.99 card since I'm only working here for the summer. Thanks!
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