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Hey guys, I'm throwing together a SFF system for personal usage, and I've been debating about what case to use. I've seen a lot of silverstone and lian li case suggestions, but can anyone vouch for the Thermaltake Armor A30? (
Call me crazy, but I like the bling look of the case. How's the airflow? The fans look pretty ridiculous in both directions.
If not, can anyone suggest a good case from experience/reccomendation?
Current part of concern is the GTX 670 DCUII <== this will barely(!) fit on the A30.
EDIT: I'm also looking at the NZXT Vulcan
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  1. I was very interested in SFF computers up until last year. I know of a few cases you might like:


    I'm not sure what parts you're planning for, but these are all appropriate for Mini ITX systems (I wouldn't try stuffing a Micro ATX into the Raidmax).
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  4. Hobo82 said:

    WOW. I took one look at that case and fell instantly in love with it. The overclock3d review is just pushing it. Just asking, is there a micro-atx version? I'm running a maximus gene z...
  5. Every forum/review I've read on the case is filled with folks asking for a m-atx version, but sadly it's only m-itx.
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