Need help with nVidia GTX560Ti installation!

So my old nVidia 9800 Gt finally crapped out, and I purchased a GTX560 Ti to replace it (the EVGA 01G-P3-1561-AR GeForce GTX 560 Ti, to be exact). Whereas my old 9800 GT required only one 6-pin power connection, the 560 GTX requires two. Unfortunately, the adapter for the second 6-pin connector has two P10 male connectors, while the ribbon from my tower's power supply only has one P10 female receptor on it.

My question is whether there is some sort of adapter that would allow me to convert one of the other female receptors on the ribbon (P7, P11, etc.) into the second P10 receptor that the GTX560 requires? Or do I just need a new tower with a more up-to-date power supply?

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  1. You could just get a new power supply that has another 6 pin connector or you could buy a molex to 6 pin converter. It takes 2 molex connectors and turns them into a 6 pin power connector.
  2. What power supply are you using? Just from the connectors you describe, I would think you would be better off with something more powerful.
  3. JW you just need a new power supply with 2x pci-e connectors. If you told us what your computer consists of we could recommend one of the correct amps.
  4. Thanks for the input, I think I found a solution:

    Instead of requiring two p10 connectors, it only requires one.
  5. That may work, it may not. Does your psu even have the required amps to run a GTX560ti?
  6. My power supply is rated to 425W/230V. Instead of the splitter linked to above, I ended up getting one of these:

    I should be able to try it out next week, and I'll reply with whether it works or not.
  7. The part arrived from Amazon and worked perfectly! I ran Battlefield 3 on max settings for a couple hours the other night without a single problem.
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