Problem with my graphic card? please help

Hello, a word of advice please.
I started to play “The Witcher 2” game (it’s a fantastic game), but I noticed a strange effect in the screen (not entire screen), seems to be an effect, but it scares me a bit.. I uploaded a video just to saw u what I mean.
I don’t see this kind of effect in other games and my graphic card is gtx480.
If its not a problem (and I wish not to be), which filter is doing that effect? I may wish to disable it.

Notice: you cant see it well with 720p, please change it to 1080p when youtube loads.. Just look the skin and the shadows..

extra information about game settings.

1920x1080 ress
texture downscaling --high
texture memory size mb ---medium
shadow quality -- high
number of shadowed lights -- high
LOD distanse --- near
Bloom --- enabled
Light shafts --- enabled
anti aliasing --- enabled
Blur effects -- enabled
Depth of Field (dof)---enabled
Vignette -- enabled
Wet surfaces rain effect -- enabled
SSAO -- enabled
Motion Blur -- enabled
Cinematic dof --- disabled
Depth of field - cutscenes enabled
Dangling Objects limit -- disabled
Ubersampling -- disabled
Vertical Sync -- enabled
Decals --- High spec

as I said I cant see this problem or effect with other games. Such as bf3, wow, mw3
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  1. Is this a scam?
  2. some games can run your video card hotter than others. you might not have adequate cooling and are sending the video card into meltdown. i just saw this thread title on a google search: "The Witcher 2 Set My Video Card On Fire! (tech discussion ..."
    that might be one of the first things to check, before toying with graphics tweaks.
  3. thank you I will look at that.. For the records, I never oc'ed my card so its bizzare.

    You think that this game may cause a permanent problem to my graphic card??! I will read this topic you told me about.. cheers (allready found it)
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