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My question is, I want to update my system which currently stands at a 450Mhz PII and 256MB PC100 Ram. Ok i can get a Gig-Byte motherboard for the 1000Mhz athlon, can I use the memory with the athlon? The board says that it takes SDRAM.

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  1. the atholon b use a 100 fsb but the only question is will it work in thw mother board beacuse some ssre picky when it comes to ram
  2. I am upgrading my intel based system to amd right now too. I was wondering the same thing. Is the trade off running the system at 133fsb that good? Should I go for getting 256mb pc133 ram or add to my 256mb pc100 I have now? Also, if adding pc133 to my pc100 would I be able to run my slower ram up to 133 asuming it could overclock that high? or am I stuck running both at pc100 and can't change that?
  3. RAM is really cheap right now and it's probably worth the cost to go ahead and get PC133 memory for any athlon- esp. if you want to overclock. Most people overclock the FSB on the athlon to at least 133mhz and PC100 memory will not run on a 133mhz FSB.

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  4. I recently had a system running stable for a while with the memory running at 100Mhz. I wasn't trying to do that, my bios was being a bit tricky. Some of the Athlon boards are particular in the type and speed of memory used. If you can help it, use PC133 CAS 2. The 100Mhz ran fine on my system, but it may not work on yours.

    My System Specs at the time:
    Thunderbird 800
    FIC AZ11 (yuck I dispise this board)
    128MB PC133 CAS3 running at 100Mhz (I've since got it up to 133)
    15.0GB Western Digital ATA66 7200rpm
    Windows 2000 SP1
  5. Ok I've sinced changed my mind I'm going for a 850Mhz Duron, i don't plan to overclock it (YET) I have the 256MB RAM (PC100) and the motherboard is a GIGA-BYTE. The reason for the 850Mhz is that I don't need all that power and anyway I'm getting a Geforce card and a 12X CD-writer and setting up a raid system of 2 X 30.7GB IBM IDE hard drives to be setup in STRIPE operation. I could get a 1000Mhz processor but it's a full £150 (irish) more expensive than the 850 Duron and I get to spend the £150 on better things.
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