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I'm looking to obtain multiple IP's for outgoing connections.
Everything im doing is 100% legal, and can be in my name, are there any other ways to accomplish this besides VPN?

Any suggested methods / companies?

My ISP wants me to pay $100 MORE a month for 5 different IP's while DECREASING my mB/s (25->15) (For the combined connection by the way, not per IP or something)

I'd be in the market to have 5-10 and possibly expand in the future, whats the cheapest per IP service?

PS: I'd like to keep the latency / bandwidth issue to a minimum. Not SUPER critical, but lets keep it to less then a second total delay.
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  1. You've lost me a bit. You usually use multiple, public IPs to support incoming connections, not outbound. Using public IPs sometimes makes it easier to support services, or multiple gaming systems (XBOX, PS3) where you would need port mapping of the same ports to different internal IPs (not possible w/ NAT), etc. For outbound connections, a single public IP over NAT is rarely a problem.

    So again, I'm not sure I understand the need or purpose of these IPs. I’d just hate to see someone spend money needlessly.
  2. I'll admit it - I made an entire macro program for a game, and want to farm money at an insane speed. Using multiple outgoing IP's, even if one gets found my entire operation wont get banned simultaneously.

    Morally wrong... maybe. Legally, not even close.

    PS: Yes i can sleep at night knowing im a gold farmer.

    2nd PS : I wrote it because it was hard, it was challenging. I'm a 20 year old who does this for fun. I've already effectively won the game, this was my next level of " I WIN "
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