Can't access "Documents and Settings" on External Drive

I am working on a Windows Vista laptop that will not boot. After trying all options on the vista laptop for recovery and failing I decided to put the main drive in an external case...hook it up to my Windows 7 laptop and scan for virus'.

It found 2 items which after looking at the location of these infected files...they were in MY profile folder on my computer.....Yet the path said ("J:/Documents and Settings/Justin Gray/.........") Drive "J" is the external. My windows profile folder is on "C". So now im really confused....I opened up My Computer, click on drive J and opened up Documents and Settings only to find it was opening the Documents and Settings folder on my C drive....

Almost like it created some weird worm hole in space time and connected the two so I CAN NOT look at the actual Documents and Settings folder on the drive...

If I load up in Linux (Ubuntu) I can easily access the correct Documents and Settings Folder on the drive. I am having a hard time finding and installing AV software in linux so I can't scan the drive so I had to do it through windows instead.

I did...after wanting to look in documents and settings, take owner ship of the external J drive.

I don't know what is going on.....anything ideas?
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  1. if you want to get rid of the viruses, you can just access the drive in linux and delete those files. otherwise you could download an antivirus program that allows you to run it from a cd and run it before even entering the OS.
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