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Help buying a GC supported by ASRock A770DE+ Motherboard

I am looking to buy a graphics card that is supported by AS Rock A770DE+ motherboard. The computer will be used for medium high gaming (could handle new games in low quality at least). The GC will replace an Nvidia 8600 GTS.
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  1. Any card will work. Nvidia or ATI. It has a PCIEx16 slot which is compatable with anything.
    Look at this article for suggestions:,3085.html
    Also if you don't mind waiting, jan 9th (maybe) will be the release of the HD 7xxx series cards. They'll probally be expensive though.

    Your psu and case may cause problems though, what are they?
  2. PSU: OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W
    Case: Antec 300 ATX Mid Tower Computer

    The video card is for a PC that will not display anything (it's either the PSU or VC, but the PSU can power up everything fine including usb laser mouse).
  3. do you have another computer you could test the video card on? to make sure it's not the mobo or something else that's dead.

    your psu should have ample power for any sub $300 card.
  4. @slicedtoad
    No, we have a 8 year old Dell PC. I am scared if I try and remove some hardware from it, it will die on my hands (I have to pay to fix it lol).

    If the motherboard does not beep with the 4-pin cpu connected and cpu+fan mounted, could it be a power supply sign of dying?

    I have a case speaker I tested on old motherboard+processor, and new motherboard+processor and neither one will be beep on power on. From reading one of the motherboard manual, it's suppose to beep with just the processor and power supply plugged into it. It would also explain why the computer failed on idle after 2 years of running fine (from what I read video cards only overheat when pushed by a video game + heavy software).
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    heh, i just checked the reviews on newegg for that psu, alot of people said it just quit after a while.

    Is it still under warranty (3 years)? Even if it isn't, I'd contact ocz though email or chat and have them confirm it's broken.
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