Its funny how...And questions/opinion on processor.

Its funny how you go looking for a server processor/motherboard on ebay and actually end up looking for high end processors for your next setup...has anyone done this or is it just me lol...

But anyways, would it be much better to go with a core 2 quad q9400 for a server or a athlon ii x4 620?
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  1. I would look here

    to decide performance and what specs matter the me it seems like the AMD would be better fit...the performance in things like file compression and other system file specific handling is somewhat better...also it's socket compatibility allows for varying models and makes as well as the AM2+/AM3 socket config...allowing for a broader range of chipsets and motherboards...the socket is definitely limited whereas the AMD sockets are still fairly fresh on more current chipsets, bios updates, and drivers.

    Still it's a personal preference thing and you can look at the performance specs and decide for yourself.

    Hope that sheds a bit of light on what you need to know.
  2. I agree with Tekman42. Except for one aspect. It seems pretty obvious that since you are asking about to different brands of CPU, that you have not purchased a motherboard.
    Go with the AMD, but get an AM3+ board. That way the system will be ready for any upgrades. Some of those boards are capable of handling large quantities of ram. If you go with the q9400, you will be stuck with skt775. That's not a bad thing. It's just that after you have put the time and effort into building a new server, the intel will basically already be four years old.

    Besides you can build a ridiculous AMD based server for around a thousand bucks.
  3. Thank you guys,

    Looks like imma have to build a new setup anyways lol

    Im thinking of just buying/repurposing a
    XFX MI-A78S-8209 (deactivated but used for reference)

    and use my currrent setup (Phenom x4 9550, 6 Gigs of ram) for a "new" server

    and then buy one of those motherboards and throw in a phenom ii x4 with 8 gigs of ram and i have a whole new gaming set up :P

    Thank you again guys, ive been pondering on what type of set up id need for what i do and you helped me decide.
  4. No Problem...that's why we all post learn, share and save each other money when purchasing for our toys...or work machines.

    We all appreciate value for our hard earned money...and if we can share the knowledge to make...what doesn't want to play together extremely well, then it was worth it!

    Glad our opinions and experiences were able to assist you in your quest for information to allow you to decide what would work best for your issue!

    Good Luck Friend!
  5. Well you see (completely offtopic)

    I'm building a server because im studying for my A+ exams and all that so i can get my foot in the door.

    And a newish server set up would greatly help me out since i can always virtualize things remotely but also have a separate machine for developing and play lol if that makes any sense.

    And tekman42.. (or anyone else) do you have any expierence with VNC?
  6. Although I've done a lot of's mostly been a lab....Still trying to finish my Masters in Technology....haven't had a lot of remote connection experience yet...messed around with vpn a bit...similar to VNC but yet not so much.

    Remote Access is a pain...but work hard enough and long enough on getting it to work...and some things do sink in.

    Still, what you are trying to do sure makes your experiences relevant to today's needs in the IT community!

    You can look here for very relevant and highly experienced folks that have that information:
  7. Thank you tekman42, you have helped me out a lot in finding out information.
  8. No problem, that's why we are in these assist each other with relevant information to any issue we can think up:)

    Glad to have been of help and hope you can pass it on when you get a chance:)

    Have a good one and enjoy.

    I'm just an old hardware geek that likes tinkering and building what they say can't be built...or at least trying to!
  9. Sadly all the a+ cert is good for is showing competency. The test is just a QnA about operating systems (mostly windows) and various parts. You won't really be messing around with servers. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting and we did build computers in class, but for testing purposes physical knowledge of how all this stuff works is moot.

    If you want to build a server, do it for the experience. You can pass the test without even touching a computer. Except for actually taking the tests because they are done on the computer.
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