Computer shuts down randomly flashing red light

I have a compaq presario 6000 it has started shutting down and the light flashes red. It turns back on it dos it at random some days it dos it 6 to 7 times others not at all. all my fans are working. what would cause this?
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  1. Would check the psu first. Do you have another you can use to test?
  2. Sounds like it is going into sleep mode/hibernating, try checking the settings in the control panel. If that's not it, I would go with QuietPC on betting the PSU (Power Supply Unit) is the issue.
  3. Dos the psu have to be from the same brand pc?
  4. markj1972 said:
    Dos the psu have to be from the same brand pc?

    No, just pick a reputable brand. Also, make sure it is compatible with your PC. I did a little research for you.

    It's low quality, but here's the actual replacement part. ($36.23)

    Here is a MUCH better quality PSU for about $2.50 more. ($39.99)
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