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Any way to convert IEEE 1394 motherboard header??

Ok, basically I work with IEEE 1394 (Firewire) with a lot of older Sony camera systems.

The case I want, the Corsair 650D has a front panel port that is connected to a mother board header.

However, very few current gen Mobos still have the connectors on the board. I thought about buying a PCIe card, but it's going to drive me crazy not being able to use the front port.

Is there any way to basically convert the mobo connector from the case to a PCIe firewire card in a way that will let me use the front panel port?
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  1. You can buy PCI-e cards which have internal firewire connectors.
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    Sorry - can't seem to edit my previous reply...
    Also use something like to convert the header to the internal pin type header.
  3. EDIT: Thats perfect, thanks.
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