Using wifi and lan for internet connection at the same time

I have seen a few threads here and in the internet and I haven't read any that gives me how to do it. It is usually by a router or install a third party software without anyone saying if it works or not.

I have two connections at home. One is a Wifi ( public wifi for my village) that i use for my phone and the other one is a wired dsl. I have used both but not on the same time. I tried connecting them both ( phone have tethering) but I think they are interfering with each other making me lose connection.

I have search around but have seen some but don't have a clue if they work or what they are for.

I am using vista home.

I have seen the merge connections( in network and sharing center) but is this the solution?

and i have seen this one but I am a little bit wary of changing my registry.

Or if anyone has a definite solution, I am all ears.
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  1. I haven't seen that registry modification before, but I'm pretty sure I understand how it works. It's just choosing sequentially/randomly among the available network connections. Needless to say, this is about as crude a form of load balancing imaginable. As it suggests in the documentation, it's only going to help when downloading/uploading files at the same time, the assumption being each successive download/upload would choose the next (and presumably inactive) network connection.

    But in the real world, that's probably a bit of luck. The algorithm is so crude, it wouldn't surprise me if the first download started on network connection #1, maybe some other unrelated process was offered network connection #2 ever so briefly, only to have the second download start w/ network connection #1 as well. As I said, it’s crude. It’s probably just blindly jumping around without much intelligence. But if you’re lucky, it may increase overall throughput.

    That said, what I can guarantee won't happen is merging. It's not as if you can COMBINE the throughput of several network connections to increase the bandwidth of any single network request. That's not happening.

    There’s probably no harm in trying it. These registry changes that simply turn a parameter or two on/off are usually safe. If it doesn’t help or work the way you want, you simply reverse the change. Not a big deal.
  2. oh ok thanks for the reply.
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