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I've recently had this trouble where whenever I'm playing a game [such as Sims 3] my Laptop Internet connection suddenly disconnects and I am unable to reconnect to my Internet since it doesn't come up on the connection list, so In the end I have to restart and it all happens again if I start playing again.

I've tried changing the plug in my router from 1 to 4 but that hasn't helped.

Anyone got any ideas please?
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  2. try turning off SSID Broadcast. This prevents anonymous users from detecting that you have a wireless connection present."

    And it makes it harder to use your network. And it prevents non-anonymous users from detecting your network. And it prevents neighbors from detecting channel conflicts, which might prompt them to change channels to avoid interference. And it does not deter the bad guys from using your network. For security use WPA encryption (after you get your network working satisfactorily) and forget the other junk.

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