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Have an old laptop with an intel t2500 processor (Yonah), which needs replacing. I was wondering how this processor would compete with an stom d2700 series processor in a nettop. Just looking for a low power system that can do HD video with ease. Just want to know if a new atom can out perform a 6 year old cpu?
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  1. Hello jimbonewbie;

    I know it sounds surprising, but I think swapping a system with an older T2500 Yonah for a recent Atom D2700 is likely to be a CPU performance downgrade.
  2. You would be better off going with a Pentium or ULV i3 system.
  3. To get good HD video performance you want a decent GPU to assist the CPU and this is probably where the T2500 equipped system is letting you down.

    Here are Passmark CPU benchmark performance comparisons:

    Intel T2500 @ 2.00GHz Average CPU Mark = 941

    AMD E-450 APU @ 1.66Ghz Average CPU Mark = 743 (Radeon HD 6320 GPU)

    Intel Atom D2700 @ 2.13GHz Average CPU Mark = 819 (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650 or GMA 3650)

    AMD A4-3420 APU @ 2.8Ghz Average CPU Mark = 1823 (Radeon HD 6410D GPU)

    Intel Core i3-2310M @ 2.10GHz Average CPU Mark = 2617

    Is something like this Acer AX1470 A4-3420 APU (Radeon HD 6410D) too large for your deployment scheme?
  4. Intel's Atom N2600, N2800 & D2700: Cedar Trail, The Heart of the 2012 Netbook

    Review confirms that GMA 3650 has support for HD video decode but there is some question about drive support and 1080 playback.

    Logic Supply LGX AG150 Fanless System Review: Cedar Trail or Cedar Trial?
    (Atom N2800 and Intel GMA 3650 equipped)
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