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Hi all a little help please, ive recently come to the end of a build ,case coolermaster cosmos s,mb asus crosshair v formula,cpu 16gb corsair vengance ram,amd phenom 1090t cpu with stock hs/fan and upon first ever boot i touched the heatpipes on the cooler to find (ouch) they were literally boiling hot,and on further inspection found just a little play and movement on the said cooler,so im guessing fan not seated properly even though it seemed to be?(note pc did not restart or beep during or after the hot boot up,any help would be greatly appreciated,another note of interest,nothing is overclocked or tweeked.............
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  1. Use a utility or look at the temps in the BIOS. What temps are being reported? If the heatpipes were cool I would be more concerned.
  2. I have this same GPU and I OC to 3.6 with the stock fan so heat should not be a big issue. take off the heatsync and look at the bottom see if there is a full impression on the cpu on the bottom. also make sure you have rotated the plastic dohicky on the cooler that tightens down the heatsync. And lastly might be a dumb one make sure the fan is spinning.

  3. Probably a bad install. You should reinstall the cooler with some new paste!
  4. If the cooler is boiling hot it's not a seating problem. It sounds more like it cannot get rid of the heat, perhaps a failed fan on the cooler (you did plug the fan in didn't you?) or lack of air through the case.
  5. If the heat pipes are hot, your CPU cooler is making good contact with the CPU (that's where it's getting all that heat). After you set up the hardware, did you reset your BIOS to defaults? Did you set the Crosshair to auto-overclock? If your answers to those questions are No,Yes; go into your CMOS and make them Yes,No. Rest the BIOS to defaults. Make sure the auto overclocking is OFF; I have a similar Asus board (Sabertooth), and it likes to auto-overclock using unreasonable CPU voltages. This will make your CPU run very hot.
    If you then want to overclock, you've got an unlocked multiplier, so that's what you should try increasing first, leaving voltages alone.
  6. Those heatpipes should be warm but not boiling hot, normally I would ask if you applied thermal paste correctly but if the cooler itself is hot I am thinking something else. Is the CPU fan working properly? did you use the latch system between the HS/F and MOBO and did it latch firmly? It is usually okay to wiggle the HS/F to remove any air that may be trapped but it should not move when latched, or at least without some force.
    Check those things and if nothing else, start again, apply new thermal paste, and see if that helps.
  7. Yes guys thermal paste was already on the cooler (pre applied) and yes i latched the hs/fan properly and also yes too the fan being plugged in and spinning,havent checked the temps in bios as of yet,as when it happened i just shut down and switched everything off and went about my day as i had other things needed doin,this was yesterday,i will report back soon though with the temps from bios ,but like i say the play in the hs/fan has golt me a little suspicious,also thanks for the speedy response guys,very much appreciated.....
  8. Very puzzling, good luck.
  9. check to see if the cooler should only be fitting in certain orientations, i.e. heat pipes horizontal vs heatpipes vertical. they may not be circulating if they are in the wrong orientation, my xigmatek achillies is horizontal only.
  10. Thanks too all and everyone for your help, just thought i would pop on here to clarify it was a bad install with a bad fan with terrible thermal paste to boot,all running fine now with a xigmatek gaia fan and artic silver 5 paste, cooling my setup perfectly........
  11. Nice; that's what I'm using in my primary rig.
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