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MSI N560GTX-Ti-M2D1GD5/OC - any good?

hello, I currently use MSI's twin frozr ii oc 560 ti, and was planning on SLI'ing it with another this month. but right now this other model is on sale at newegg for a lot less:

M2D1GD5 (?) -

Twin Frozr II -

is the only thing differentiating these two models the stock clocks and the heatsink? do you think they would make a good pair in SLI? i like the twin frozr ii because of how cool it runs, since my ambient temps are usually pretty high, but the heatsinks on these cards look extremely similar. anyone have any experience with the m2d1gd5 models?

I play at 1920x1200 so I most likely won't be overclocking them. would there be any reason to spend more on the twin frozr ii, with regards to SLI compatibility? i know different brands of the same card will work together, but is there anything to be gained from using identical models?

any input is appreciated, thanks.
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    Nothing wrong with going for the cheaper card , you will lose some of the speed down to the lesser card speed , but doesnt sound like its a major thing to you.
    I say go for it, it is quite cheap and the performance increase with the SLI will be excellent in most games. you should'nt have any compatibility issues either.
  2. The reference model will run cool and quiet. You can always overclock to match the performance of the Twin Frozr II.
  3. thanks. yeah, it will be more than enough horsepower for my games for quite a while.

    i'm still wondering about this sale model though, is it new? i can't find any reviews for it, and even msi's website doesn't really tell you much about it. the only thing i can gather is that maybe it's a cheapo heatsink. it appears to have the exact same fans as the twin frozr ii, but maybe the chassis makes them louder?
  4. Yeah its new, probably just stock they want to move. It may be a cheaper model cos its not the twin Frozr and the manufacture of the card costs less. I dont think it will be much louder to be honest.
  5. ok, even if there's more noise it's still the smart thing to do at that price.

    thanks everyone!
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