CPU or Mobo? Computer turns on and off repeatedly


Asus z77 Sabertooh
Intel i5 3570

My system keeps turning on and off repeatedly. Anyone else have this issue before or could provide a possible solution? I see a red computer LED light on the MOBO which is constantly on while the cpu fan is running. The cpu fan runs for not more than 3 sec and then shuts off. After it shuts off the mobo funs run for 3 secs, rinse and repeat.

I just purchased the components recently and am curious whether it is a mobo issue or cpu?
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  1. Mobo, ram or PSU if everything is correct, use this guide step by step http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems
  2. Sounds like a RAM problem to me. Try pushing harder on the RAM sticks to make sure they are seated all the way in the slot. Even if the clips are up the RAM might not be in far enough.

    List the rest of your specs if you would, please.
  3. My computer did this same thing, but only when the PSU got warm during gaming or video editing. I thought it was mb, cpu, etc, but it was the PSU. A power fluctuation in the house (lights flickered) toasted the PSU just enough for it to go into the loop you are describing when the PSU would get warm. Make sure the main ATX plug is seated well, and all other power cords. If it continues to do it, well, it was the PSU in my case. When I talked to a guy at the local computer store and described it to him, told him it turned out to be my PSU, he commented that this loop of on and off is most of the time (not all of the time) caused by a PSU issue. Not sure if he was blowing smoke or not. Mine could not handle the load once it got to hot. So how else could this manifest? A short could cause too much draw, or an insufficient wattage PSU would result in too much power draw.... Loose wire? I feel your pain, it was a task figuring out what component went bad. I purchased a UPS battery back-up to prevent it from happening again. Good thing I did because the last wind storm caused several power fluctuations and one outage.
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