the grinch who stole my tray icons

i have just a little pb with windows xp
but it's very tart

i have about 10 progs which start at os boot
& also 10 tray icons

but all tray icons don't appear on my task bar

sometimes 3, 5, 8 & not every time the same
semetimes all the 10

it's an random symptom

but all progs run on my system, every time
just the tray icons are hidden

i know there is an option in xp to hide not used tray icons
but i disable this option

i wonder if there would have an win xp bug with this

someone knows this pb ?


EasyInfo :cool:
I would like to Invest for my PC !!
ok, buy nothing.
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  1. If you've disabled the "Hide icons when not in use" function, then whatever is running (and is set to display an icon in the taskbar) should show up. Is this not the case?

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  2. i already try this & that don't work

    but i has viewed some options for the "hide tray icons" function

    there is a popup list to personalize this function

    & for some icons it's set to "Always display"
    & for others it's set to "Hide if no activity"

    i has tried to set all to "Always display"
    but icons with "Hide" set don't want to change to "Always"
    they stay to "Hide if no Activity"

    i even has tried to reboot just after changes but winXP
    stay on old values

    this is because i think maybe there is bug with this function

    EasyInfo :cool:
    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
    ok, buy nothing. :wink:
  3. i don't know but maybe there is a patch from Microsoft which can correct this pb on WinXP ?

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
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