No Beep No Boot D:

This is a test boot-
processor in, cpu fan plugged
graphics card in- no power supply needed
2 sticks of ram installed
24pin connector plugged
4pin atx plugged
speaker plugged

It wont beep, fan doesnt spin, nothing
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  1. looks like Power supply is the problem.

    failing that its a dead motherboard.

    just CPU+HEATSINC, PSU, MOBO should atleast spin the fans and cause post beeps.

    if it does not then i would look first at PSU then Mobo
  2. now i only have enough $$ for either the psu or the mobo
    is there anyway to pinpoint which part is doa?
  3. only by testing one or the other.

    take your PSU and fit it to a friends computer. see if it works.
    that will be the easiest test you can do. testing your motherboard isnt really possible as you need a Known Good same socket CPU, known good RAM & PSU also

    easier just to wack your psu into another PC to test it.

    If that does not work, pls post you system specs and i can look further into it.
  4. k, ill test it on my friends pc tomorrow
  5. psu is most likely the culprit. just to make sure you check everything tho, try a different power cable if you have one (ensuring it's completely plugged in) or a different power outlet. also, make sure the psu switch is set to ON LOL
  6. the "l" is on :p
  7. Well I did the paper clip test and the fans were spinning
  8. just means the PSU powers up, dosnt mean it will take load.

    did u try it in another PC?
  9. i tested and turns out the psu was working properly... post beep and fans were spinning
  10. this was your psu in a know good PC?

    then its down to your motherboard. you tried making the machine ontop of the mobo box rather than in a computer CASE?

    this removed the chance the case is shorting the system
  11. yeah, i testbooted on the mobo boxtop and it didnt work, then i thought it was my psu that was doa, so i went and just it all together in the case

    so.. now what?
  12. try building the system


    ontop of the box for the mobo. have the psu next to it all and see if that boots up.

    be carefull once power is to the system. use an insulated screw driver to bridge the 2 pins where you would plug the power switch for the case in order to start it up.
  13. D: didnt work
  14. so still no lights, fans or noise?

    Dead Motherboard is my diagnosis. Is it still under warranty?
  15. IT WORKED (i used a diff screwdriver)

    i dont get it.. y didnt it work in the case?
  16. so you got post and could get into bios?

    could be one of the gold colored screw in risers was in the wrong position.
    or it could be as simple as a dead switch on the front of the case.

    check the gold risers and remount it all in the case. use the screwdriver to trun it on rather than the switch.

    or connect the reset switch from the case to the power switch on the board and try turning it on (by pressing the reset button)
  17. it stopped working again now that i assembled everything in the case >.<
  18. Best answer
    remove all other parts from the case, HDD, ROM, Do not plug in the case fans.

    do not plug in the Front Firewire, Audio or USB ports.

    did u check the mountings did they all line up with the holes in the mobo and there were no extra ones?

    dont plug in ur power or hdd lights either.
  19. nvm it works now
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