Ati Card for Gaming: 5450(1GB) or 4670(1GB)?

i'm trying to buy a graphic card for gaming mostly. i've seen discussions about ATI Radeon 5450 and ATI Radeon 4670. which one do you consider that suits my needs best? thanks in advance to all who reply.
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  1. Neither i would say, what is your price range?
  2. Well I have been using the 4670 as of lately due to having my 6870 in RMA. I can say it is still one heck of a card. I'd say it depends on what games you plan to play. If they're mostly valve source engine games then the 4670 would cut it.
  3. what are your pc specs?
    what is your budget?
    neither card is good for gaming. if you can't afford cards like radeon hd 6870 or gtx 560, get a 6670 1 gb gddr5 vram or 6770 1 gb gddr5 vram as long as your psu has enough amps on its +12v rail to run it.
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