Getting more performance out of a nvida 100/200.

Hey, i'm trying to help my mate get his computer
to run better, any ideas, i've already ran game booster. Even so, the specs are from my memory, like
amd single core 1.8,1.7ghz
around 780mb of ram
nvida 100/200
windows xp, i'm pretty sure it's over 10 years old to, again any help would be nice.
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  1. I would run msconfig.exe/startup tab and eliminate any unnecessary background programs (unless game booster already does that). You can check to see what you can keep and what can go here:
    Make sure he has the latest drivers installed. Download and run CCleaner and run the Clean and Registry both. defrag. But, an old low GHZ single core PC with an Nvidia 100/200 era card won't be able to play today's games very well... just a fact of life.
  2. Thanks man, now i've gotta see if there's any upgrades that might actually work with this hardware.
  3. smaxie said:
    Thanks man, now i've gotta see if there's any upgrades that might actually work with this hardware.

    From what you listed above, it doesn't look very promising...
  4. i know, might be able to put in a bigger hard drive. More than 74 gb, put in 1gb of ram, maybe even a duo core.
  5. 1gb of memory, idk about the video card. Around 50%,40% cpu power increase only single core still, i'll see if i can find anything slightly better
  6. If your Win XP is of the 32bit variety, you will want at least 3GB of memory. Since a 32 bit OS can't 'see' more than 4GB, there's no sense going with more than 4GB. 1GB is going to severely limit you in gaming. Some games may not even run. What resolution is the monitor?
  7. It's not meant for modern gaming, just basic stuff such as solitaire, maybe a little higher. But since it's xp it won't be as big of a hog as win 7. Atm it has a hard time loading web pages and i'd say the monitor is like, 1280x940 or something. the max i can see the cpu atm is a amd 3200 xp, 1gb, 2gb but the graphics card needs an upgrade since it's 50 percent used up just haveing to monitor run, only 32mb of vram.
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