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Issues with new prebuilt, help

So i finally received my first computer, a prebuilt iBuyPower that i got shipped to the States and had someone bring to Canada for me. I know, I know, it's much cheaper to build it yourself but tbh I just didn't have the time or the know-how to do it and when I compared the two, iBuyPower wasn't that much more expensive. So anyways I finally go to set it up and plug everything in for the first time and......... nothing. Everything turns on, all my led's :D , all the fans and the liquid cooling, everything runs. I get a signal to my monitor but after about 10 seconds or so I get a beep and all the led's on the motherboard shut off. As I write this im reading through my manual trying to troubleshoot as well. I just thought i would post in here and ask for some help.

My build is :


asrock fatality professional gen 3 z68 mobo

8 gigs (4x2) corsair vengeance RAM

amd hd HIS 7970

coolermaster silent pro 1000w

Before you guys laugh i learnt a lot more about what i needed mobo/processor wise(2500k) and the ridiculous power supply my buddy talked me into after I ordered it. But if you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, wasnt sure if I should post this in the systems section or the motherboard.

Thanks again
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  1. Edit: my ram is 2 sticks, 4 gigs each
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    I would contact the ones that built it and explain whats going on as it should be under warranty from them and they would know your system best as they built it. And since you were wary before about building it yourself how much more wary will you be taking it apart yourself piece by piece trouble shooting it?
  3. Currently what I'm doing, I just thought since it was after hours I would post here and see if I got any thoughts on it. Thanks for the reply
  4. open up the case and check if the ram sticks are in place
    check the wiring on each part following the cables making sure they are connected
    make sure the psu is in correct wattage mode 220v vs 120v. you might have a red slider on the back of the psu, if you dont it means the psu can determine itself what power its getting.

    look in your manual for error codes, beep paterns...anything along those lines.
  5. make sure the video card is inserted all the way. if your not getting signal try connecting the video cable to the motherboard dvi. maybe the bios settings are not set to use the dedicated gpu insted of the integrated graphics on your processor
  6. Can you be more specific as to what the beep code is. They tell you what the problem is.

    Typically, especially with pre-builts, the issues are with incorrectly seated memory DIMMS or video cards. Try re-inserting your ram and video card and if it continues to beep, let us know exactly what the code is (i.e 3 short beeps)
  7. I looked through my mobo manual and saw nothing for beep codes. I would really hope that everything was installed right as that's why i paid for it. I'm still on hold with the for the second time today. They also forgot to send my mouse :??: As to the beep i get, its just a quick 1 second beep. I googled AsRock beep codes but I haven't really been able to find anything on them.
  8. So as it turns out I'm just cheap and instead of buying a monitor right away, I attempted to use an old one for a week. So after purchasing a dvi cable for my parents 24 inch dell that i stole from their comp, everything works. I truly am a noob.
    Thanks for the posts though.
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