How do i check my threads or unread replies?

wtf, this forum is nearly impossible to use properly.

You really really need to do this.

1)How the hell do i check my threads... i mean im not always giong to be on my email and is just easier if i can click and link and see all my threads/
2)How can i check threads that i have posted in that have been posted in by someone else. That way i can check if someone asks me a question.

where is all this? its really annoying because i have to search for it in the frikkin forum. Have a box, where you can just click the link, and it shows you all the threads you posted in, all the therads you created!

even if i click at the blue flags at the top, nothing comes up!
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  1. At the top of the forum page is a link to your threads with a blue flag on it Then if you unhide the right column then there are links to your threads there if there are new replies.
  2. There are a couple ways to see your threads. See here.
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