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[Solved / Somehow] Blue Screen - Quad SLI GTX 590

After fixing my last issue I ran into another, I cannot enable Quad SLI with my Asus GTX590.
Thought it would be the SLI bridge but tragically I'm wrong, thought it would be the drivers, but I made sure to clear them and do a clean install of the newest one's.
Not seeing any firmware issues either, if anyone knows a fix for this it would be much appreciated.

I haven't found anything thus far and these are the error codes I received from it.
Please and thanks for any Assistance in this matter.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF8801130B3F6
BCP3: FFFFF88003183F68
BCP4: FFFFF880031837C0
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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  1. Have you run memtest on your ram?
  2. I have not, Why would the memory cause this error is what I'm wondering.
    It's seemly happens everytime I try to enable Quad SLI.
  3. If you google the stop error it points to corrupt GPU drivers which can get corrupt in ram if the ram is bad!
  4. Are you using a Z68 motherboard?
    Try to install Virtu Control Panel, or it will always fail since the computer would not correctly activate due to sandy bridge IGP.

    BTW: I had this problem!
  5. I'm using a ASUS 990FX.

    rolli59 said:
    If you google the stop error it points to corrupt GPU drivers which can get corrupt in ram if the ram is bad!

    Even though I can't see that happening I will give it a try, and let you know.
  6. Have you updated the motherboard/chipset drivers?
  7. I swear I told you I did on the last thread, I created.
  8. like rolli said mem test your ram 99% (out of my hoop) of issues with BSOD's is ram and the other 1% is heat
  9. Currently at 70% still no issues (memtest) onboard asus test yeilded nothing also.
  10. Best answer
    Yeah was having De Ja vu! LOL
    Have you been a good boy and removed all your ram and tested each stick at a time?
    Also did you move the cards around to the other slots?
  11. Going to try the ram tomorrow, hopefully it's not the slots just spent 2-1/2 hours testing the ram via mem test it all checked out, next is the single ram sticks and moving the one GTX590 from a 16x slot to a 8x slot.

    But for now I shall sleep, it's 3:10am here.
  12. Alright here's what happened give this a nice little post maybe it will help someone in the future with this issue.

    1. Updated bio's to newer bio's to improve memory function.
    2. refused to boot period, had to do a system restore to a previous date.
    3. Tried every single ram stick on it's own = for me still blue screened every time.
    4. unplugged everything but main drive and video cards = still blue screened.
    5. reseated video cards = reverted back to main issue found here.
    6. Removed each card and tried each card in the primary 16x slot only to encouter the same issue as before.
    7. installed drivers in 4x slot (16x counted as a 4x), still nothing
    8. moved to 4x slot (16x slot counted as a 4x), same issue still.
    9. installed drivers in safe mode thru the 4x slot (it's a 16x counted as a 4x)
    10. rebooted, let load into main OS finally worked and had a 1920 x 1080p screen again.
    11. moved gpu to main 16x slot, still worked.
    12. moved second gpu into 4x slot, still worked but wouldn't SLI the cards together, even with bridge.
    13. moved second card into second 16x slot.
    14. enabled SLI again, prayed to God, now has Quad GTX590 SLI.

    Those were my step by steps to anyone who has this issue in the future, what caused it still no f---ing clue, what solved it, STILL no f---king clue, all I can say is God had to have been with me on this cause I'm still confused on how it happened.

  13. Its so worth trying to narrow down issues by changing slots and testing each slot separately to try and get your config right.
    Patience is everything and I'm glad you didn't give up and rip your system apart to do an RMA for your mobo.
    I'm really glad you changed the slots around and now can enjoy QUAD SLI :)
  14. Oh I'll probably do a RMA on the mobo eventually so far it's done nothing but be better then the last disaster.

    Still overheating quite a bit for a quad SLI, that bothers me, I'll probably have to do something about that soon...
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