Which PSU? and final check on system

Hi all.

Im having difficulty deciding a PSU for my new rig, could anyone give me some insight or their own thoughts?

My rig is

Mobo - Asus p8z68-v lx
CPU - Core i5 2500k
Cooler - Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro
RAM - Corsair vengeance low profile 8gb
GPU - hd 6870 1gb ddr5
SSD - Corsair Force 3 120gb
HDD - 500gb barracuda
Case - CM HAF 912
Case cooling - Coolermaster MegaFlow 200mm

Choices are

Antec 520w high current gaming PSU


XFX Core edition pro PSU 550w

or any alternatives you can suggest for a similar price point.

I'm in the UK so any recommendations could you make from please.

Also while im here if anyone would like to critique the rest of the rig before i push the button.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Both are good with a slight edge in quality and power to the XFX.

    You might wish tom check prices over at Might save a few bucks. They also have their own brand of PSU which is pretty good called Novatech Black.
  2. Thanks tlmck, i had considered Novatech, Scan etc but as i am ordering most parts from ebuyer i wanted to keep it to one order if possible, if the XFX edges out the Antec then i think ill go with that.

    Any comments on the build in general, would you make any changes there?
  3. Just noticed that for £5 more i could get the 650w and £14 more a modular 650w XFX. Would you recommend stepping up. Is the modular cabling worth it?
  4. It looks fine to me.
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    mikerockett said:
    Just noticed that for £5 more i could get the 650w and £14 more a modular 650w XFX. Would you recommend stepping up. Is the modular cabling worth it?

    I would bump up to 650w for £5 more. This will be enough for a dual vid card set up later if you decide. If not, there is no waste getting extra wattage these days with the new Certified units.

    Modular is more worth it with a top mounted PSU as it is a bit harder to tuck cables away. With a bottom mount, you can just let the extras rest on the bottom of the case and tuck the excess under the hard drive bay.

    One other trick is for the 8 pin motherboard 12v CPU power cable. Install this before the video card and run it up the back of the motherboard. When you install the video card, there should be a notch cut out between the back card edge and the metal plate that fits the back case slot. The 8 pin cable will rest nicely in this notch keeping it out of the way of things.

    Similarly, the 24 pin ATX power cable can be run along the front edge of the motherboard. Any excess can be tucked under the drive bays. Then hook up the hard drive/DVD power cables and let them follow the same path. I would plug in the PCIe cable last and route it accordingly.
  6. Many thanks for your input, ill go for the 650w as its not much more. As far as cable management goes ill need to get hold of the case and the PSU to see how it all fits but ill keep in mind your recommendations.
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