Having weird power problems, help!

so here is whats going on. everything was fine yesterday til i decided to do some more cable management on the back of the case so i redid a bunch of molex's, then everything was fine, shut down my computer and all the fans connected on the molexs were still running at a low rpm,and psu fan is still on. so i turned off the psu, the mobo power/reset buttons starts flashing and ticking like a car hazard and the fans are gettin power and moving as if its trying to power on. so i could still turn on the computer, it goes to the page where it shows ASUS, and press del for bios and freezes there for about a good 10 mins with boot device led on, then boots into windows.

specs: asus z68 v pro gen 3 mobo, 2600k at 4.5ghz, 8gb corsair vengeance, 7870 graphic card, 9 fans/water loop, 1 cold cathode, all on a corsair hx750

what could be going on? is my power supply about to go? or could it be the motherboard?

*forgive me if i posted this in the wrong section*
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  1. Well if you shut dfown the pc and the fans connected to the psu continued to run, I'd be testing the psu further after double checking that you didnt short out some wiring during your cable management session.
  2. so a burnt psu wont give power, but a bad one still does in this case?
  3. There are varying levels of good or bad PSUs. They usually start out at 100% performance and through use that slips to 99%, 98%, 97%, 96%, until at some point they have deteriorated below what your computer needs, that is usually when you experience the full failures freezing up in games and so on.

    However, I want to ask what is all the rest of the stuff in your computer?

    In particular I want to know about really old hardware.

    Also, do you have any "extended" or such things set for checks during the boot process?
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