Is this a worthwhile $1000 build?

I've been looking around the past few days or so to build my own rig used for mostly gaming. I play WoW, SWTOR, SC2, LoL, and others and have a budget of about $1000 to spend on parts. Here is the list of what I've come up with and the links to where I'd buy them (sorry, not much order to which parts are listed first etc.):
Cooler Master Enforcer Case -

Western Digital Green 1 TB drive -

Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler -

Arctic Silver Thermal Compound -

Intel i5-2500k CPU -

Kingston HyperX 8 GB RAM (2x4 GB) -

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w PSU -

XFX HD Radeon 6870 GPU -

I've read reviews and debated over a better video card or a better motherboard, and went with the motherboard because a 6870 can still get over 60 fps everywhere in all mentioned games except for the Imperial Fleet in SWTOR (over that's a waste really) and that's a big jump compared to the 5-15ish fps I get on my laptop currently (in between desktops right now). I decided to get the better Asus motherboard over a 6970 and a lower end Gigabyte board. Any and all input is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. It's a good build except for the hard drive. Please don't use a green drive as your primary storage, you'll be sorely disappointed the the performance. Spend the extra 80 or so and buy the black drive. You won't be sorry.
  2. Ok, I'll keep that in mind. However, I really am pushing my $1000 limit already, so is there anything I could downgrade to fit in a better hard drive for about the same price?
  3. Well, you could save about 20 by going with a 6850 video card. I don't see where else to cut.

    Oh, and the drive is only 155.
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB SATA III 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache Internal Desktop Hard Drive Bulk/OEM - WD1002FAEX
  4. If you get the Sapphire HD 6850 you can save $50.

    Edit: Fixed the typo
  5. Vettedude said:
    If you get the Sapphire HD 6950 you can save $50.

    Huh? Are we reading the same build?
  6. Typo. I mean 6850
  7. Ahh. That's what I thought. On the egg the price difference at best is about 20.
  8. That's much less of a price increase than I expected, and after rebates it'll fit within the $1000 mark I believe. Any other feedback, or ideas of what to expect for various games?
  9. you considering serious OC because you doing need the arctic silver, you should definitely take the 6870 over the 6850.

    you can also get a much cheaper psu and case.

    Which exact mobos are you considering?
  10. I'm not planning on anything huge for overclocking, but am looking to take it up to around 4.0, maybe a little lower. Anyone know what the i5 can run at OC'ed stable for pretty much 24/7 turned on, if not used that much? I've mainly been looking at just all $100-200 mobos and checking their reviews to see what is reliable and works well. I know more about the other parts in a computer than a motherboard for sure though.
  11. I also decided to get Arctic Silver paste because I've heard plenty of bad things about Intel's thermal paste and their fans are horrible for any sort of OCing, hence the extra coolermaster Cpu fan.
  12. well you don't need the arctic silver if thats all you are planning if you want to save a few bucks, the i5 can hit 4.2-4.5 24/7 stable easily with the hyper 212 so you should have no problem.

    I'd say just stick to a mobo below $150 since you aren't looking for the highest possible OC
    something like this will work and have penty of features.

    try to bump your gpu up to a 560ti or 6950 if you can since its worth spending a bit more on a gpu if you are a gamer.
  13. Thanks, I'll definately go with that board for $40 cheaper, and it looks to have just as good reviews. If I were to upgrade to a 6900 board I'd go with a 6970, because its better for about a $10 difference, but is it really worth it? My monitor isn't brand new or anything, so it only refreshes at 60 fps. I know that a 6870 can hit that in almost every game I play (besides in the Imperial Fleet) based on the reviews using a 2500k on this site. Wouldn't that make a 6970 a bit overkill for an extra $100? I play on 1600 x 900 res, so not the most demanding there.
  14. oh I guess the 6870 would be enough for your resolution, its would be worth it if you played at 1080p but the 6870 can max out those game at 1600x900 I'd imagine.
  15. Yeah, I've got a moniter that came with my last dell desktop bout 5 years back. Good moniter, just haven't tried it at any higher res than that. Guess ill wait and see, but its still going to be a huge upgrade, considering I was very pleased when I finally tweaked my last comp to give me 30 fps everywhere but SW in WoW, which isn't a demanding game anyways...
  16. Anyone know of a cheaper/better for the same price psu? I liked this one because its fairly cheap, but I really prefer modular if you know any off the top of your heads that are 600w at least.
  17. well thats probably the cheapest modular one you'd find thats good, but you really won't need a 600w for a 6870 and a i5.
  18. Really? I used the power calculator that comes up first when you google for one, and it reccomended at least 475 or so watts, and I heard you really don't want to stress your psu too much. Any idea how to calculate vcore for an overclock on an i5 based on the speed you want it to preform at? I know it has a 1-click overclock setting, but I heard that has much too high a vcore and runs dangerously hot. Is there a formula for say like 4200 Hz= ______ vcore or something like that for changing it up in the bios?
  19. Oh wait, that number was with a 6970 graphics card because that's what I was looking at before I realized a 6870 was much cheaper and maxxed out my monitor still. So ya, I might just get the 500w version of my current selected psu
  20. No there's no formula. Basically, overclocking an i5 2500k to 4.0 GHz requires no additional voltage. After 4.0 GHz, you start at 1.35 Volts and work downwards until you hit instability in prime95.
  21. ^+1 to a bigger OC, you can hit 4.0 on stock cooling/volts. My 2500k @5GHz/1.43v maxes at 70c with an H50/IC7 and a 38mm thick Panaflo pushing during multi-hour Prime sessions.
  22. Anything over $50 is free shipping on Amazon I think. Ill double check though, and thank you. I looked more on overclocking and theres a forum of stable Intel overclocks at
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  24. Oops, didn't see that section. I just thought, oh a parts list, and put it in here. Sorry for that.
  25. NP, moving it was simple enough and didn't require me to put my beer down so no harm done. ;)
  26. Imo the games you have listed are not that taxing.

    You could easily lower the cpu(i3 2100)
    gpu (6850 or wait for the new 7750 which is better/just as cheap/cheaper)
    psu(ocz is hit and miss and you could save and get the 430watt corsair/500watt corsair) I built an amd on almost exact same specs but amd's run more watts than intel.

    There are better cases with better wire routing as cheaper/cheaper.

    Imo stick with i5 2500k and then do the other suggestions I posted. should save you at least 100.
  27. Just mind you that the PSU you selected is more like a 500w PSU than a 600w (due to 12v rail amperage limit)
    Said that, IF you want to crossfire cards in the future, you can't...
  28. looks like a good pc da me
  29. I found a cheaper 1 TB hard drive made by seagate for only $120 as well as a $50 Raidmax 700w partially modular psu on newegg. Coincidentally, a Seagate R & D plant is within 20 minutes of me, and I know knowledgeable people who use the same drive I'm buying as the boot drive in all their builds, so that's another plus besides saving around $40 on the hd.
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