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Recently I've noticed in Skyrim and now on Star Wars: The Old Republic my graphics settings seem to be on low no matter what I set them to, along with tearing being abundant in the game world. I used to be able to run Skyrim on medium settings (never tested higher) with no issue. I didn't change any of the in game settings and the game looks DRASTICALLY worse plus the tearing is coming up now. Star Wars was running on the high settings previously and now appears stuck on low despite being set to high and tearing is abundant.

I'm not sure if I updated my drivers since this issue started but I feel like this is more than a driver issue. Has my GPU gone bad?

Basic specs:
HP Pavilion dv6 laptop
GPU ATI Mobility Radion HD 5650
CPU Intel i5 2.4ghz
Windows 7 64 bit

If my graphics card has gone bad what should I do to remedy the problem? I've worked inside desktops before and am comfortable with computer parts, should i just buy a replacement card and install it? How difficult is it to do inside of a laptop? Is there a repair service I should just send it to instead (I'd rather do it myself if at all possible)?
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  1. Check AMD Catalyst Control Center. Sometimes it overrides the games settings if the 3D gaming settings are set lower(and usually a box is checked - sorry at work at the moment and can't bring up CCC)
  2. just replace it if it went bad. easy as that
  3. Already checked CCC and everything is set to use application settings. BTW vertical sync doesn't fix the problem either. Does that mean the card is bad? Could this somehow be caused by drivers?

    Was only worried that replacing the card inside a laptop might be difficult due to space issues.
  4. go back to the old drivers do a load test on the card with occt see what happens
  5. Didn't try switching the drivers yet, going to do that tomorrow. But running it as is on OCCT i didn't get any errors or anything.
  6. Sorry, went on vacation and didnt have access to the internet. Tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them with no change in performance. I'm going to assume my card is fried at this point. Probably going to just send it into HP to be replaced, unless there is a better place to go to get the service done on it that needs to be.
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