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So I am having an interesting problem with a friends MB. I breadboard tested the MB and everything and it all worked like a charm.

However when i mounted the MB into the case it would not work anymore. I took it out and it worked fine again.

So when I tried installing it again i put 2 screws into it tried turning it on, all was good. 2 more screws all was good. However once I got all the screws in it would not work anymore. Even if I remove the last screws I inserted the MB wont power up again till I remove it from the case.

Then if I repeat I may only get 1 or 2 screws in before it does the same thing. It doesn't seem to be 1 screw hole in the MB or anything causing the issue, I tried them all alone and they worked.

Could the MB just be defective? It is an ASUS P8z68-v pro. I am mounting it into a Cool Master HAF 932 Advance Full Tower Case.

I have installed 100's of mb's and this is the first one to ever do this to me. Any help would be awesome!

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Ok, you say you've installed 100's before so i'll skip over asking if you installed the stand offs first. You mention that some screws go in ok and it works. Is there something on/around the screws that stop it working that could be causing a short?
  2. I highly doubt it's a defective motherboard if you can breadboard it. As mikerockett mentioned maybe one of the screws is touching something on the motherboard shorting it out.

    Have you made sure the power button is connected on the motherboard in the right direction?

    Did you notice anything about where the screws screw into the motherboard?

    Are you sure no metal is touching the motherboard, besides the screw stands?
  3. I'll double check on all that stuff when I look at it later. Thanks for the hints to start.
  4. Is the case sitting on bare carpet were it can attract static easily? That mixed with mike and chainz suggestions could be shorting it.
  5. No I had the case sitting on a fully wooden coffee table. I have a feeling I screwed up the standoffs somehow now that it is mentioned. I'm going to look at it later and see.
  6. The MB needs some grounding on the case. JUst screw it snug and tight. but not too much tight.
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