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i just got a new system and i need to put a video card in for gaming. For now im using my MSI N8400gs card im wondering wut a good step up would be.
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  1. For a good advice we need your system specs. Processor, ram, mobo, psu, resolution, budget.
  2. sorry new to the website thought it would show from profile my specs are 913i Desktop PC Intel Core i3 2120(3.30GHz) 8GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity Intel HD Graphics 2000 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit. And the card i have currently for graphics is a MSI n8400gs. thanks
  3. Not many people have the specs mentioned in the profile so i didn't check.

    Can't find though what your powersupply is.

    Also important is the resolution you use.

    If it is up to it maybe a GTX 460 would be nice.
  4. power supply is a 480w the resolution will prolly be 1024x768
  5. For that low of a resolution, and an i3, you'll be OK with pretty much the lowest gaming card that is worth getting, Radeon 6770, unless you want to hold on to it for a few years and move it into a faster system. Then you can look at something higher end, click on the link in my signature for some options. A 480 watt power supply should be able to handle cards into the mid range for gaming, unless it's a cheap brand power supply, many of those put almost half of what they say the rating is.
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