Router Disconnect Me from Game

I recently downloaded the crysis 2 demo. But i disconnect 2-5 minutes into a game. I tried playing while directly plug into the modem and i can play as long as i want.

I am currently using the D-Link DIR-615 HW VER:c1 FW VER:3.13.

Crysis is the only game with this problem at the moment. I have tried googling it but still won't work.

I have tried to disabled my firewall+antivirus and i still disconnect.
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  1. Its ok your problem is that the game either has scratches on it or you hace not installed the dlink properly to your if it is on a system the probably the dlink is not capable of holding the capacity on the game.
  2. I actually change the firmware to dd-wrt and it works fine now. The stock firmware was bad anyways.
  3. good job peter boi.
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