Amd athlon x3 455 processor (3.3 GHz)

Hello All,

i just want to know of my Vcore is correct. @ full load (100%) - Vcore is @ 1.45-1.46

i checked the BIOS before running the test and indeed it's the same as posted above. I saw some posts online that they online got 1.3+ on their Vcore

When we setup the system...that's the default Vcore. Is that normal?
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    The motherboard readings can vary slightly. You're ok at 1.46 volts; it's not that high. Each processor can have different readings which can vary up to .5 volts on some cpus, especially Intel cpus. You may try manually setting the vcore lower to 1.3 and see if it's stable, but it's not necessary.
  2. oh i see...however, here's my concern, is it possible also to change the Vcore of my unlocked 4th core from this processor? when i unlocked it in the BIOS, Vcore has gone down to 1.12 and my temp went 80C and when i checked in the BIOS, it didn't ajust by itself unlike relocking it to 3core which automatically changes to 1.46 as Vcore. Is it recommended to force the 4th cpu to run despite the drastic change in temp when in 4th core?
  3. I wouldn't unlock the 4th core by changing voltage. It's either stable or not. If you can't get the fourth core stable and want four cores, I would sell your 455 and go with a 955 phenom, which is only $99 at newegg.
  4. thanks sir! i'm under the impression that the 4th core is busted/defective that why the Vcore didn't change automatically unlike when i'm running 3 cores with Vcore @ 1.46 (max)
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  6. Yeah, that definitely doesn't look like a stable unlocked 4th core. I'd just keep it as a triple core. If you want a quad core, you can always buy one. As far as your voltage goes, I'd say you could definitely lower it down to at least 1.3, maybe lower. I have a Phenom II X4 955BE and currently have the voltage set to 1.29 in the BIOS, CPU-Z reporting 1.280 effective.
  7. i'm not sure how to lower it though :(
  8. Then I would leave the voltage setting alone. You should be fine.
  9. many thanks guys!!! :p
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