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Hi all im brand new around here so here is my question i have a dell with intergrated gpu and i would like to upgrade to a better card. So would i have any problems switching from my intergrate card to one in pcix slot ive never upgraded a gpu before so not sure how it works with intergrated gpu. I do belive there is restrictions in bios as when i was upgrading to windows 7 i couldnt install from cd drive on boot up as when i tryed to set it in bios it would ask me fro admin password and i was the one who locked it with the password i entered the password to get into the bios so i though well dell have restricted it. Also is there any way to unlock my bios as i want to install 64bit but cant over 32bit without boting for cd drive.
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  1. To remove the BIOS password, you have to remove the CMOS battery.
    Remove it for a minute make sure the power is completely off before you do that.
    Then put it back in and start the rig.
    It would be helpful to know the Model of you PC since we don't know what sort of a mobo it has.
    We could then advice you on which GPU would fit into the rig and be best value for money.
  2. I had removed the comos battery but my bios password is still there i can get into bios just cant change the boot options in there as i belive dell have it restricted in some form. The model i have is dell c521. I hope im not being rude here but i kinda really need advice on upgrading a intergrated gpu Mb to a pcix gpu and also how to unlock bios boot options not on the card well not yet anyways i need to know if i can upgrade a intergrated gpu MB with a gpu card for pci slot.
    Tnx for quick reply
  3. Well, you didn't short the required jumpers using a paper clip. This also means you haven't gone through the User Manual of the Dell C521.
    The Password is not hardcoded into the rig. When it is dead, the password dies.
    Page 100 of the User Manual.
    Page 103 Details in changing the Boot Order.
    And finally Page 104&105 Details with pictures of which jumpers you need to short and the method of clearing passwords.. Here is the heading of the page "Clearing Forgotten Passwords & CMOS Settings"
    READ the Manual it all there.

    And yes, since you haven't read the mobo manual you may not know that your rig has a PCI Express x16 slot. Which means you can upgrade your GPU too with an addon card.
  4. Yes i know that there is a pcix16 slot if you read my first post you will see the question is can i upgrade from a intergrated gpu to a pcix gpu. And no i didnt read the manual tnx for info on getting off the restrictions on mb
  5. Yes you can change over from the IGP to a GPU in the PCIe Slot. And, no, you will not have any problems switching over from the IGP to an Addon GPU.
  6. Thats cool thanks im gonna get the card after the new year i hope i dont have any issues with bios restrictions will i have to change in bios that i want to use the pcix slot for gpu or will i just be a simple as fit it and reboot system?
  7. Yes, you will have to change the Display Order in the BIOS. Also since you managed to get the password off the BIOS. Now I don't think , you'll face any restrictions at all.
  8. Ok thanks alot for your help :)
  9. I'm back i was wondering if i can upgrade to a pci 2.1/2.0 x16 card i know if it works it will not be at it best performance. I was think of getting one of these cards
  10. The 2.0 Card will work in the slot, but, for 2.1 it can't be guaranteed, you could run into compatibility issues. So it's a 50 - 50 chance that HIS card will work, but it's not worth the risk. Go for the MSI one.
  11. Ok cool would have liked if the higher spec would fit for sure tnx for the info. And also is there any way i could check if it would work or is it just a tpe of thing you need to put it in the slot to know for sure. I think ill just buy the cheapest 2.1v card and see if it work as they are alot better specs.
  12. Well, you can search the different forums for people using the card you choose and the mobo you have, that might add to the overall decision of whether to buy or not to buy....
    Sorry, but I have to quote you
    "I think ill just buy the cheapest 2.1v card and see if it work"
    Have you heard the song by Arrested Development.... called "Mr.Wendel"......... it goes like "2$ means a snack to you but it means a big deal to him......"... and I , personally , am pretty much against the waste of money when half the worlds below the poverty line..... so buy something that will work and you're sure don't waste your hard earned money on stuff like a rig....
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