Replacement (cheap!) Nvidia Graphics card.

I built my own PC a few years ago (four I think, I can't remember exactly) and I made it fairly good at the time (although the specs now are pretty dire) I had a nvidia 8800gts 640mb. After years of faithful service originally playing games at top specs and making the gradual slide to graphics always set to low quality, it's finally died (I suffer from strips of vertical lines down the screen at all times and errors showing up for drivers regardless of the fact I've tried about five different supported nvidia drivers)

I currently plan to build another PC, bigger and better but to do this I require to research everything a LOT before I decide upon my final spec. As I don't really know what to do with myself until I can play games again I'm after a-as-cheap-as-possible replacement (nvidia) graphics card that will play current games (low settings is fine as it'll only be for a relatively short term solution)

my Mobo is this:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, my budget is as low as possible but I really don't want to spend any more than £40, I've had a look but as I've not really looked at hardware for a few years I've struggled to find anything (although my budget could be unrealistic, I don't really know) so I've come to ask more informed people than myself!
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  1. something like a nvidia gt240 would perform pretty much on par with an 8800gts, and would be fairly cheap. heres a good chart. Imagine your old 8800gts is the gt240 on these charts, since they offer similar performance. any card equal to or above that would be good.
  2. If you want a card to move into a newer PC, you should not spend money on anything less than a Radeon 6770 now. Even that is a bit slow when paired with newer midrange or above CPUs. A 6770 will run games well, but will be holding back a faster system.
  3. Thanks for the replies, any idea where I'd get a gt240 as I've had a quick look at a few places and I can't seem to find it (i can see a few GT210's though)

    The new card wouldn't be going in the new build, it'll just be to tide me over until I get a new one built. For the new build I'd be looking at a minumum of a 6950 but I haven't done enough research yet to decide ATI or Nvidia or exactly what's my best option.
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