Can I use 3D vision 2 with the VG236H?

I don't have $700 to blow on a 3d monitor, but I do have ~$400, so I'm going to get the VG236HE.
The VG236H comes with 3d Vision 1, the VG236HE does not.
So I was wondering:
Could I get the VG236HE, and then just get the 3d Vision 2 kit? I ask because only the new 27" 3d monitors come with 3d vision 2 and these 23" ones only come with 3d vision 1.

oh god, please say yes.
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  1. To me, it looks like you can upgrade to 3D Vision 2 with no problems. The official website does not mention that certain monitors are only compatible with one or the other version.
  2. "In addition, the nVidia 3D Vision 2 wireless glasses are also fully backwards-compatible with all existing 3D Vision Ready content and supporting products, including more than 70 different 3D Vision monitors, notebooks and projectors, video applications, and cameras."
  3. While the Nvidia 3D vision 2 will work with monitors that are only 3D vision 1 certified, they won't give you some of the benefits of 3D vision 2. The monitor is what gives the increased brightness, but they are the same cost, so you might as well get the newer version.
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