Graphic Card Suggestion?


The below is the configuration of my PC.

I5 2500K processor 3.3Ghz,
p8p67-m motherboard,
4gb corsair RAM 1333Mhz
500GB HDD,
LG DVD write,
Cooler master Elite 310 cabinet


+12V1 - 10A, +12V2 - 13A

My PSU has a 6Pin PCI-e connector too.

Currently I'll be playing at the resolution : 1024x768. Most probably I will also be changing my monitor to 21" or 22" monitor, so will be playing games at higher resolutions too.

I'll be going for mostly Sapphire HD 6670. I'm thinking for Sapphire HD 6750.
Can I use the same PSU for Sapphire HD 6750?

Well Sapphire or MSI, which one will be good or better.
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  1. In my experience Sapphire is the best vender for ATI cards. I would really consider upgrading you PSU for any Video card you get though.
  2. I do beleive the full power draw from your System will allow anything up to a 6870

    The power draw of your system on a 6790 will be around 300w - a 6850 about 310 watts and a 6870 about 330 watts (the latter is cutting it close though)
  3. A 5770 would be better.
  4. Your headline requests suggestions for a GPU. Mine is to avoid AMD completely because their drivers are buggy. Additionally your PSU is puny.
  5. Yeah as the others have said, you should probably upgrade that PSU first just to be safe.
  6. get ATI 6850 there tone to choose from, or if you got few more $ to spare get 6870 thou the later require 2 6pin connectors(just get adapter), in reality they pretty much same +- 20watt.
    And using my UPS wattage meter im using 250W playing Skyrim on AMD 6870.
  7. Thanks guys, I will not be overclocking it. Dont' want to change the PSU now.

    Will be going mostly with HD 6670. (Sapphire or MSI).
  8. Hey Guys, went ahead and bought the Sapphire HD 6750 today. I'm having some problem, video's are not playing smooth. Nor games working fine. I tried with smallest game "RoadRash". The graphics is coming weird. Currently I have Catalyst Version 11.2
    Is there any setting I need to change in it. Help Guys
  9. check make sure fan is working good and no cables in way. Check Video card temperature (in AMD control panel) maybe overheating

    BTW do you mean "RoadRash" from windows 95 era? 15 year old game would not be good test fro 6750.
  10. I have checked it, cables are fine. Updated to Catalyst 11.12. I tried Counter strike 1.0 and it was nice going. I was getting 100 FPS at 1024x768 resolution. Still videos doesn't places smooth. Is there any other setting in Catalyst control center for videos, that I need to change.

    I feel I should get another good PSU. Will be getting it in couple of days.
  11. What types of video are we talking about btw??
    Video problems are more likely because of software problems and not video card. Thou it might seem like video comes from video card, but in fact most video types use CPU to play it back.
    Good place to start is updating the software (players, Codex)
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