Finalizing my Gaming build! help

ok i think i pretty much got everything picked out, although im stuck between 2 mobo's. im looking to see what ppl think. i would like honest opinions and wanna know if things are compatible and im not bottle necking anything. i will be using the rig for heavy fps gaming on 1920x1080 res. oh and also would getting a gtx570 with the increased ram be a better option for gaming instead of the superclocked?







first choice

this one also looks yummy
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  1. OC?

    Can consider getting Asrock Pro3 Gen3 or Asrock extreme 3 and a 7950 instead. You will run games better. Antec ECO 620w or Corsair CX600 is enough unless you plan on CF/SLI.
  2. Pretty solid choices all around. These would be my recommendations:

    1. Do not get the GENE-Z - I will repeat this every time but Micro ATX will severely limit your expansion options in the future. If you go SLI, there go all your expansion slots. If you get a dual slot video card and need, say, an extra PCI-E wifi adapter, sound card, anything else, there go all your expansion slots. The P8Z68-V Pro is the better choice as it's a standard ATX. You get three more expansion slots to play with in case you need to add or remove anything.

    2. I'd suggest different RAM as Sandy Bridge doesn't mix very well with 1.35V RAM. Try something like this - G.Skill is a good company for sure, but Crucial is widely regarded as one of the best on the market and has some of the lowest fail rates in the industry. Try this:

    3. If you're getting the 2500K, I suggest a good aftermarket cooler in case you do plan to overclock. Try something like this:

    4. If there's room in your budget I'd suggest getting a good 64GB SSD like a Crucial M4 or Samsung 830 to increase your system's boot and load times.
  3. nice links .

    Sorry but couldn't be bothered clicking them
  4. yeah for quicker reviews it helps to just type out the parts list, most of the members here know what parts are worth when you list them...
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