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  1. What cooler are you using? Hyper 212 is a great heatsink for the 2600k, considering you are going to overclock to 4ghz+ like I have. But I would recommend you spend a little more on the mobo and upgrade to either a gigabyte z68x-ud3h or the asus p8z68-v. The gtx 460 is a good card, but spend a little more for a 6950 or a 560ti.
  2. Could you put a link to the graphics card you suggest? Also do I really need to upgrade the mobo? I was trying to not spend crazy amounts
  3. Yes, the v-lx is very low end. An asrock z68 extreme gen 3 would be good, and its around 130 bucks. But this board is what I would reccomend you to upgrade to: GPU:
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