Review before i buy Quick!!!

i this is my first build so i would like you guys to look over it and tell me suggestions

Approximate purchase:whenever intel decides to realse ivy bridge

System usage most to least important: mainly gaming a lil video editing here and there

Parts not required: keyboard, mouse, os, montior, speakers

Preferred website(s) for parts :, or anyplace that gets the job done cheap

Overclocking: defiantly yes

sli: maybe 2 in the far future when my graphics are becoming outdated

Additional commments: i will be waiting for the ivy bridge motherboards and cpus also the nvida 600 series so i will use there products they have now to use a baseline price for them

i have The ocz agility 3 120 gb i got it for 98 bucks i couldnt resist that its not posssible

becuse its cheap and gets some decent reviews not as fast as the vertex but ive been told alot u really will only tell the diffrence in major uncompressable data and when benchmarking


the ivy bridge ones are not out yet so ill say just say it will be around 180 for one??? idk yet

well this is where i have a big question i will be using ivy bridge here so

will a i5 3550k be sufficent to play games for the next 4 years or so or will i need to get an i7 3770k for that and the prices for these are just what the sandy bridge is priced for atm

i5= $220

Graphics card:

i will be using nvidia's new 600 series line but i will use a 660ti or a 670 not sure

but for these i will alot $250 for it it can be raised or lowered accounding to recomendation by you guys

cpu cooler: i will be using the corsair h100
i will get this were ever is the cheapest at amazon its $103

Case: i will be using the Rosewill thor cause my computer is "godly" lol good joke

from the reviews ive read about theres very minamal complaints about this thing
and it will support corsair h100 plus mega fans $ 130

Thermal paste: the stock on the h100 is good enough accounrding to other people

Ram : corsair vengeance 1600mhz 8 gb is enough right cause over that ive been told is overkill
$ 50 not much to talk about here

PowerSupply: I got the Corsair tx v2 750 watt for $80 bucks not a bad deal

Blu-ray drive
an asus blu-ray drive idc what blu-ray drive i get as long as cheap and works
$50 dollars

ok here comes the part i probally dont need

Was going to get scythe slipstream but newegg took the bulk discount of so it screwed me but i found these fans

8 Bgears b-blaster 120 2 ball bearing. 103 cfm 35 db
7 dollars each plus 60 cent shipping total of $61 dollars

*not going to replace the 200mm fan in the front of the case cause i dont think its too neccisary lol*

And to controll all those fan i want more than the fan controller the case provides for functionallty and asthetics of course lol if not neccasary just tell me and i can make it cheaper or get rids of it but i like this one if any recomendations tell me

Scythe KM01-BK "KAZE MASTER" 5.25" Bay Fan Controller for $40

so comment grade my build suggest do whatever u like and suggest any thing :hello:
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  1. I dont have time now , but I may check this thread out again tomorrow

    or the day after
  2. k thankyou whenever you can get to it is fine i just need to know if its good or not thanks
  3. so is there anyone who can give me advice here been waiting for like over a day
  4. Where do you intend to put all those fans? The stock fan setup look decent.
  5. well there is an option to replace the side fan with 4 120mm fans, plus im adding a corsair h100 which i plan on doing a push/pull on adding 4 more fans plus theres one more slot at the bottom thats empty that id put on there
  6. Quote:


    the ivy bridge ones are not out yet so ill say just say it will be around 180 for one??? idk yet

    Ivy is for sure using existing Z68 and P67 motherboards - Intel has already announced that. It's impossible to predict if Intel will have any new chipsets yet, but if I were in Vegas I'd bet not for the end of this year anyways.

    It's near impossible to predict what a build is going to be like when the parts haven't been revealed by their manufacturers yet. I mean I can only tell you what I've used based on personal experience - it's tricky to create a build with future parts when what's out now is still really good.
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