What version of the 8800 gts do I have ? Inno3d

the plastic casing on the outside is inno3d

has this card I got off ebay been overclocked ??

I was told it was the 320 mb version ??

But systemrequirementlabs shows differently

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  1. also, I only have 4gb of ram

    But it shows I have 4.5gb ??
  2. Use CPU-Z and GPU-Z to find more accurate information.
  3. okay

    how much ram do I have ??

    is gddr3 good or bad for a gts ?

  4. You have 320mb. It's not bad, but it could be better as there was a 640mb version. Both those cards only have 96 shaders so they will perform worse than the 8800GTS 512 as that version has a full 128 shaders. If you want to play Crysis 2 you may experience a good bit of slowdown simply because 320mb isn't enough RAM so the system will spend a good bit of time swapping data in and out of the card even on lower settings.
  5. thanks

    but I got this card for 8 pounds so I just bought it

    also, Im thinking of getting an aftermarket cooler, apparently 8800 coolers suck

    is accelero l2 a good choice ?
  6. The stock cooler is o.k. For that price I'd say you got a great deal ^_^. I wouldn't really bother with a better cooler unless the airflow in your case is rather poor.
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