Core temperature too high?

Hi guys, I bough a Toshiba Satellite P775-S7234 about a month ago. I was playing Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box with all at max with 65 FPS and in an ALT+TAB change I saw that both cores rech 86º C.

Now, I know that on I7 cores should NOT reach 85º C because that endangers CPU longevity but I don't know if in this particular case it's a problem to be worried about.

I think it should be because:

A) It's a Core i5 and

B) It's a mobile CPU.

Anyway, if the cores are too hot, what is the safe margin for this CPU?



* I'm using W7U x64
* Lastest drivers, BIOS, etc
* Using AIDA64 Extreme Edition to monitor temperatures
* Cooling settings set to max always
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  1. I still want to know the maximum safe temperature for this CPU...
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