First build (Gaming, $1000, Australia)

Edit: Build complete, everything is running smoothly.
Thanks everyone so much for the help!
I also have a friend ordering exactly the same components list which i will help him assemble.
Thanks again!

Edit: in my third post (5th post down) I have what i think will be my final revised build! just looking to double check compatibility and that everything will fit in the case and that there are no dud parts/choices. thanks!

Edit2: link to wishlist (does this work?)

Hi guys, I have decided to build my own budget gaming PC and would really appreciate some help with the details. This will be my first build and I have no experience in this area whatsoever. I am an engineering student and generally consider myself capable of following intstructions such as the ones in the build your own pc guides however only time will tell! I have put my current version of a parts list at the bottom of this post.

I have been having some difficulty calculating how many watts i need for my PSU so any help there would be really appreciated. Also just a general compatibility check is needed.

Any advice would be great and feel free to be as blunt as you like if i have made any mistakes. I hope this is all formatted so that you guys can read it but tbh I was a pretty average english student. Anyway, here goes nothing!

Approx purchase date: This week if possible.

Budget: Around $1000 and can possibly swing $200 in either direction.

System useage: Primary: Gaming, specifically Guild wars 2 and Diablo 3 when they are released.
Secondary: University assignments and internet ect ect...

Prefered websites: seems to be the cheapest i can find ( I am Australian). If anyone has any feedback about this site (good or bad) that would be great.

Country: Australia

Parts preferences: Intel ( I have no experience in selecting parts however ASUS, GIGABYTE and corsair seem to be commonly used on this site so I have preferenced them in my first attempt at a parts list.)

Overclocking: Not sure. I would love some advice on this!

Sli/Crossfire: No. (possiblility of adding a second GPU in the future but some advice on this would be great as well.)

Monitor res: Don't currently own one however I will expect to purchase one with 1920x1080 resolution.

Current parts list:

CPU: ($137) Core i3-2120

Edit: Also looking at the core i5 2500k ($235)

MOBO: ($250) asus P8z68v-Pro

Edit: Is this motherboard required or is there a cheaper alternative that will still do the job well?

RAM: ($55) Corsair 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz

HSF: ($42) Coolermaster COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 EVO UNIVERSAL [RR-212E-20PK-R2]

HDD: ($100) Western Digital CAVIAR BLUE 500GB 7200RPM SATA3 16MB CACHE 3.5 [WD5000AAKX]

PSU: **** really need help here. I attempted to add up the watts being used however i couldn't really work this out. Some help/addvice would be amazing!

Edit: This seems like it would be ok? : ($110) antac 550w

GPU: ($200) Asus ENGTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX560 1GB 256Bit GDDR5 2x DVI mini-HDMI

DVD: ($26) Sony AD7280SGB SATA Black Internal DOUBLE Layer Multiformat 24x DVD RW OEM

CASE: ($62) Thermaltake Dokker Mid Tower Black

Total price:$982(i3) or $1082(i5)

Thanks so much for your time and as I've said a few times, feedback is hugely appreciated!

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  1. If you want to OC, go with the i5 2500k. With the ASUS utility I OCed to 4.5ghz with the touch of a button (Extreme) and a couple of BIOS adjustments to stop the double boot (cold boot) issue that many have. If you just click the Fast button you should get 4.2ghz pretty easy, with no other BIOS adjustments to make.

    The mobo is good but you don't need the pro unless you plan on using more than 2 SDD. The pro gives you 4 SATAIII I believe. My mobo (see sig) has 2 SATAIII. SATAIII is really only going to benefit solid state drives. I think mine was around $189.

    I prefer the Corsair Vengeance low profile memory, to leave plenty of room for your aftermarket CPU cooler. I like the value of the 212 Evo (see sig).

    PSU....see my sig for a $90 650w....and its modular so not so many wires if you want less clutter. 500w is probably enough for your GPU but I like a little extra headroom.

    Make sure you buy a $3 mobo speaker so you can hear your POST beeps.

    Good luck with the build and have fun!

    I would also spend a few more bucks on a case that is in the mid $100s.....I really was glad I didn't skimp on the case. Having a good quality case made things a lot easier for my first build. Do an external build first, then put everything in the case after you have a good POST.
  2. Thanks catatafish, here is a revised list updated with your reccommendations:

    CPU: core i5 2500k ($219)

    MOBO: ($200) asus P8z68v-3gen

    RAM: ($59) Corsair Vengeance CML8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3


    HDD: ($85) Western Digital CAVIAR BLUE 500GB 7200RPM SATA3 16MB CACHE 3.5

    PSU: ($121) Corsair 650w bronze rated 80+
    EDIT: ($139) what do you guys think of:

    Edit 2: ($115) Corsair TX-650 V2 Power Supply

    GPU: ($200) Asus ENGTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX560 1GB 256Bit GDDR5 2x DVI mini-HDMI [...] 66448.html
    *found for ($195)

    DVD: ($22) Samsung SH-222BB SATA DVDRW Drive OEM

    CASE: ($62) Thermaltake Dokker Mid Tower Black [...] 15761.html

    Total price: $985

    note* is this new ram still compatible with system?
    Also, can anyone advise me on a better case up to around 100 dollars and available in australia?
    Edit: does this look suitable?
    edit2: or this?
  3. Looks like a nice rig!

    I think either of those cases is a fine choice.

    Yes that RAM is compatible, I'm running the exact same RAM and mobo.

    Don't forget Win7 64 bit and a mobo speaker ($5).
  4. Ok, i've narrowed down some choices again and changed the power supply to the Corsair TX-650 V2 Power Supply [...] s_id=17211 due to lower price and good reviews. i also chose the Lian Li Lancool First Knight case due to it being fairly understated and having usb3. Were these wise choices?

    Just looking for a final check of compatibility before i order the part/ look for specials! (excitement levels ready to burst :P )

    Thanks again catatafish for your help. I have been searching for a cheap student edition of win7 64bit in australia but am still looking. also I will get the mobo speaker but would you mind explaining what it is used for?

    anyway, here is the final list (i think, fingers crossed)

    CPU: core i5 2500k ($219) [...] s_id=16531

    MOBO: ($200) asus P8z68v-3gen [...] s_id=18613

    RAM: ($59) Corsair Vengeance CML8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 [...] s_id=17729

    HSF: ($39) Coolermaster COOLER MASTER HYPER 212 EVO UNIVERSAL [...] s_id=18670

    HDD: ($85) Western Digital CAVIAR BLUE 500GB 7200RPM SATA3 16MB CACHE 3.5 [...] s_id=15934

    PSU: ($115) Corsair TX-650 V2 Power Supply [...] s_id=17211

    GPU: ($195) Asus ENGTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX560 1GB 256Bit GDDR5 2x DVI mini-HDMI [...] s_id=17553

    DVD: ($22) Samsung SH-222BB SATA DVDRW Drive OEM [...] s_id=19482

    CASE: ($109) Lian Li Lancool First Knight USB 3.0 PC-K9 Black [...] s_id=18738

    Total price: $1043
  5. Compatibility is fine.

    FYI the Corsair 650TXV2 is not modular, catatafish must have the 650TXM. The two units are not related to each other in terms of internal design. The TXV2 is made by Seasonic and the TXM is made by CWT.

    The Lian Li Lancool PC-K9 comes with a mobo speaker. AFAIK it's used for troubleshooting; so you can hear Bios beep codes.
    The K9 is a nice modern, high quality case, I would choose it any day over most TT cases.

    Your wishlist link did not work for me as it asked me to login.
  6. Hey again guys! I'm thinking about changing my power supply to a 750w in case I decide to SLI 2x gtx 560ti's. i was thinking about using this power supply and just wanted to double check that it was considered to be ok. thanks!

    ($135) Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P
  7. Thanks again!

    I had read the hardware secrets review plus a few others but i was just being extra cautious because i'm so new at this. (you never know what sites may have an affiliation with certain products ect ect) ie just being paranoid :P

    Anyway thanks everyone for being so patient with me. I'm pretty sure I will be going with the most recent build but substituting in the new 750w PSU to leave me available to go dual GTX560ti's in sli in the future should I want to upgrade my monitor situation.

    Hopefully i will order parts within the week however the site i am currently using has a wait until the 28th of feb for my desired motherboard :S oh well!
  8. Wow this seems endless but i have one more question about my MOBO.
    The mobo that i currently have chosen is unavailable for two weeks. Any opinions on this as an alternative? Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Motherboard

    Is this board of the same quality and will i still be able to overclock as easily? Pros and cons?
    Edit: I after reading about some issues the gigabyte one has had with overclocking i think i might stick with the asus.

    Hope this is the last question i need to ask, Cheers! :)

    Edit2: Also looking at new power supply... FSP Aurum Series 750W Modular Power Supply

  9. The SilverStone Strider Plus 750W is the better PSU:
    It has better ripple and noise suppression on full load; the FSP gets up to 80mV on the +12V rail at full load while the SST-ST75F-P gets half that according to the respective HWS reviews.
    The Silverstone is quieter; it uses a Young Lin Tech DFB132512H which has a maximum speed of 1700/1800RPM and a maximum noise rating of 36dBA.
    While the FSP uses a Protechnic Electric MGA12012HF-A25 with a maximum speed of 2400RPM and noise rating of 37dBA, altho FSP have stated that the maximum noise rating is 39dBA. The fan on maximum load has been measured at 2250RPM. Unfortunately the FSP isn't only loud on full load, it is fairly likely to be loud (louder than competing units at least) at low loads as well due to the minimum fan speed being measured at 1245RPM.
    A bonus is that the Silverstone is fully modular and has an EPS12V cable which is 75cm long, making it incredibly easy to route that behind the motherboard tray, while the FSP's EPS12V cable is 55cm.
    The only area where the FSP is clearly better is efficiency. For me it wouldn't be worth the other compromises.
  10. Thanks again Silvune!
    I will go with the silverstone strider.
    I think i have everything cleared up now, I will update the first post to my new list and hopefully I can order the parts soon :)
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