What monitor to buy?

Alright... So right now i have the following on my PC
Envision 22" Monitor (5yrs old)
Cheap no name 17" monitor.
Video Card: GTX 275 card that supports VGA & DVI
the 17" i want to replace now & the other will be in Feb.

What is a good 20 to 23" monitor for around $200 (my cap is actually 250ish)

What i do with it:

Video Gaming (WoW, POTBS, Deadspace, LFD2)
Watching Netflix on one screen, while i game on the other (addicted to Pawnstars & Anything with zombies)
Play Blue's Clues on one screen, so my son is occupied while i game on the other. :P

What i don't do with it:
Stream 1080p movies
Blue Ray movies
Video Editing
Latest Cutting Technology Games.

So Any Suggestions? I was thinking Newegg. Local Bestbuy/office depot/staples didn't have much.

Prefer a reliable brand.
For instance we have a lot of ASUS products and had good history with them ( love their warranty's)

Ohh! last thing.. Im looking into getting a Dual Monitor Stand so i would prefer a MESA/ect.. Wall Mounting Capable Screen. I will give this up if it means i can get a better deal.

Thanks for any info.. I will need to make a choice today so my wife can have it wrapped for the holidays

Current Plans
Today: Order Monitor 1
Feb Order Monitor 2
May: Order Dual Monitor Stand (if the monitors support it)

I had considered this
Not sure how well that would work
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  1. This should be a good one. Has VGA/DVI for your current card, and HDMI for future upgrades. Promo code on it right now, to boot.
  2. Yea 149.99 isn't too bad. and ASUS is always a great option. im leery if they can get it here before christmas :P
  3. Can a 1900x resolution TV work as my monitor? (i can't really deal with greater then 1600 resolution)
  4. Newegg's got free 3 day shipping on it, so it should get there in time. If you wanted a TV to use as a monitor, you'd just have to make sure that it has a PC input(VGA), at least with the current GPU that you have. Otherwise you'd need to pick up a DVI to HDMI cable.
  5. Would that work ok? I mean a 1900 resolution tv with VGA in or HDMI would that work just as good as a monitor? or is their some draw backs ?
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    I have a 25" 1080p monitor, use both VGA and DVI to HDMI with no issues. I also have a 2nd PC connected to a 50" 1080p plasma. Works just the same. :)
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