ATI Radeon 64DDR VIVO, What resolution?

What is the maximun video capture resolution with this card
and a fast 1.2 or + GHz system?

I've read 640X480. Need at least 736X482.


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  1. Max, 720x480 just shy of max overscan. Maybe adjustible in the drivers. Just recorded in W2K 720x480 Opre Winfrey for about 2 minutes (oh boy) anyways I was very pleasantly surprised. This was 720x480 with mPeg2 compression, 16bit 44khz stereo sound. <b>I had less than 3% drop in frames!!! Repeat less than 3% drop in frames, WOW!!! :eek: </b>. Now this is with the recently release DX8 Video Update from MicroSoft (IMPORTANT for W2K owners on the Radeon) plus revised WDM drivers just released by ATI. This is fantastic because I was never able to even come close to that resolution without serious frame rate loss. With a 1.2gh processor you should have no frame loss with my <3% frame loss it was not noticeable. I have a 884mhz (136x133mz FSB) T-Bird on a Iwill KK266 with 256mb PC133 CAS2 Crucial ram, Radeon 64 ViVo Retail. I can now finally record movies and shows from my cable box. Maybe I will and burn them to cd rom latter. Maybe I will try Mpeg4 compression as well. This is just fantastic :smile: . Radeon again just surprised me as well as ATI. :smile:

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  2. 720X480 is may be enough. And As I understand, The sound is
    recorded by the sound card, so a good sound card may help too.

    Can you tell me, approximately, how many gigs for one hour
    of MPEG2 (image and sound)?


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  3. I couldn't really tell you because this ability to record has just been greatly enhanced by Microsoft and ATI and I havn't used this feature because of the rather poor performance previously. Give me a couple of days and I will record a few shows and give you the ins and outs of Video In. Looks like I will be getting another hard drive to have enough room for doing video. Maybe I will do a 15min segment to get a rough idea. What operating system are you using, I only tested this out in W2k and not WinMe which I also have on my machine. I could also test WinMe but I am getting further and further away from Win9x as W2k keeps on improving. Now understand that the Radeon 64 ViVo only has composite in not SVHS in. Still the quality is very good.
  4. Allright at that high resolution and 16bit stereo sound with default compression in the drivers I use about 2.75gb :eek: per hour of video. Now I can change the compression around to use less hard drive space or to use less compression to improve the quality. I will probably use a lower resolution and try Mpeg4 in order to fit onto a CD-Rom. 2.75gb with mpeg4 should easilily fit on a cd-rom come to think of it. Any other questions?

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  5. thanks for your answers. I don't know if I will use Win98xx
    or 2000 yet, but Win 2000 seem a good thing. I will record
    mainly in MPeg2 format.

    Thanks again, and if you see other fun/bad thing about this card,
    let me know!

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