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My apartment is made with all carpet except for my really small kitchen. But I plan to get a anti static wrist band. I googled how to actually use one, so from what I found out.

They said to attach the band to your arm, and the alligator thing to the computer case, and with the power supply installed and plugged into the wall while having the power supply turned off.

This gets kind of confusing because before installing all the parts, you have to test out if all the parts work. But they also said not to turn on the power supply when it's in your case, while having your band connected to the case. But you need the power to be on to power your motherboard. Or can I just start installing everything into the case without testing... :pt1cable:

But after that gets solved, I will be putting everything into the case. So will I be fine with having my anti static wrist band installed onto the case with power supply plugged in but turned off while installing everything into the case. Or do I need to ground myself elsewhere. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You can do a bench test prior to installing into the case.

    First start with the PSU. Unpack it, Plug it in but leave it TURNED OFF. ground ur self to the outside of the PSU directly. The PSU being off just means the power loop is broken, the earth still stays connected.

    either clamp (somehow) to the PSU directly or just before you touch each component ground ur self by touching the metal casing of the PSU.

    Grab screw and screw it half way in to he screw holes on the back of the PSU (where u mount it into the case) then attach ur clamp to that screw.
  2. once everything is installed to the case and your ready to start the system its safe to remove your writs band. but if you have to remove / replace parts you will need it on again.
  3. Oh I see, so before I start the test bench, I should unplug the clamp from the power supply.

    Then afterwards after the test, I can turn off the powersupply, so can I clamp back onto the screw or does the power supply still have electricity charged into it, and would not be a good idea :sweat:
  4. The outside housing of the PSU is always grounded and will not have any electrical charge on it, it is safe to touch at all times even when the PSU is powering the system, all electrically charged items are inside the PSU casing where you cannot accidentally touch them.

    You can clamp onto the screw in the back of the PSU again immediately after you test the system, it was always grounded.
  5. @hugostiglitz and @hunter315

    Thank you guys for the informative information, question solved :sol:
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