Whats better out of these 2 heat sinks

what it says in the title i have a nh-u12p and my mate needs a new smaller cpu cooler cos hes got the a70 which is pretty dam big and said ill swap if it fits in mine but before i do personal views whats better?
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  1. Is it the A70 Dual fan?

    The A70 Dual fan is a better cooler than the NH U12P

    If its the old one, with a single fan, then I'd say keep the U12P or you can(If possible) try out the A70 & see if it gives you better temps. ;)
  2. thats the exact one with the 2 fans got an i5 3570k clocked to 4.6 at the moment so that will be handy and just looked at that review before coming on to toms again but thanks for the help :)
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