New Gaming Rig. Things I am worried about. First Timer

I am wanting to know if I buy

Cooler Master Elite 430

AsRock Extreme3 Gen3 Mobo

XFX ATI Radeon 6870 HD GPU

Corsair 750w Enthusiast PSU

Intel i5 2500K CPU

Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 CPU Cooler

Dvd Drive

Seagate Baracuda HDD

Corsair 4Gb x2 1333

Windows 7

1. My question is will all this fit into that case? I heard somewhere that the hyper 212 CPU cooler was pretty large so that is one concern that I have.
2. Another question is the Operating system. Say I put it onto my HDD and later upgrade and get an SSD will I be able to put it on without having to repurchase windows 7?
3. Also is it possible to create a restore to "factory" settings on my PC which would also keep the operating system installed?
4. If I upgrade parts of my PC for example a new CPU and Motherboard will I have to purchase windows 7 again?
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  1. 1: Not sure on the Hyper 212 will fit, everything will fit just fine, but I can't say on that case if the heatsink will fit.

    2: You will be able to re-use the same Windows copy, especially if you make an image of your system drive and copy it over to the SSD.

    3: Creating a restore point after freshly installing and restoring to that might work, but if you need to do a "factory" reset, you probably will need to re-install Windows.

    4: If you upgrade parts, you won't need to buy a new Windows copy. However, it might complain and want you to re-activate your copy, but you won't need to purchase a different copy.
  2. Okay =) so glad I asked this question. I'm sure there are guides on how to make an image of my drive so I won't ask how. When it asks me to reactivate my copy can I use the same code I used to begin with?
  3. Yes, HOWEVER in some cases if you have re-activated too many times you will need to call a number in which a machine reads you off a really long code that you put in as a reactivation code. You won't need to buy another copy and the process is easy, takes five minutes. But that's only if for some reason it won't take your original CD key.
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