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Hey All,

I was going to update my desktop to Windows 8 before the price gets jacked up. I ran the compatibility check with my machine and I got this one.

Your processor doesn't have NX turned on or might not support NX
Setup will attempt to turn on NX during installation. If your processor doesn't support NX, the installation will be cancelled and your PC will roll back to the current OS.

I currently have a
Core i7 Bloomfield 2.80 Ghz processors

I am just wondering if I would need to upgrade my processor before I upgrade my operating system?


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  1. Assuming this (below link) is the correct CPU then yes your CPU supports NX or as Intel call it XD.

  2. Fully compatible.
    I installed Windows 8 on an i7-860. I'm pretty sure you have to go back quite a few years to find incompatible CPU's.

    I recommend upgrading from XP or Vista to Windows 8 but if you have Windows 7 I wouldn't bother.

    *If you do the $40 digital upgrade you MUST get 32-bit if you have 32-bit, or 64-bit if you have 64-bit. (If you have XP or Vista you can't keep existing programs either)

    I upgraded my dad's laptop from Vista 32-bit to Windows 8 Pro 32-bit. Tips:

    1. Buy and download the Win 8 Pro ISO Image
    2. Burn to DVD and label (not necessary but recommended)
    3. Copy any data to another drive or partition.
    4. Write down any used programs, settings etc so you can reinstall easier.
    5. Install Windows 8 Pro
    6. Apply Microsoft Updates
    7. Apply any missing drivers (i.e. Video drivers from www.amd.com www.nvidia.com or Intel)
    8. Open Device Manager to look for any missing drivers (*If you have any issues here it's likely Windows 8 couldn't detect a device OR just didn't have a driver. In either case, look for the closest driver. I used a "Ricoh Media Driver" for Vista 32-bit and it worked fine for my SD card reader on the laptop as there were no official Windows 8 drivers.)
    9. Install programs etc.
    10. Create a backup IMAGE to another drive.
  3. X2 fully compatible.

    I installed Windows 8 on my daughters old PC this weekend. 2009 Intel Celeron 430 Conroe-L 1.8GHz lol

    Worked like a champ. 64bit install also. Went very smooth, I was impressed. Seems to be faster than XP as well.
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