AMD FX-4100 vs. AMD Phenom II X4 965

Can anyone give me a low-down on the differences between these two CPU's. Based on specs they seem relatively similar but im not sure. Any thoughts?
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  1. The 965 is MUCH better.

    Even the FX4700 get's destroyed in gaming by a stock Intel i3 dual core.
  2. Phenom II X4 965, without a doubt.

    Overall performance wise, especially for gaming, the FX-4100 is closer to a Phenom II X2 CPU.
    FX-6100 ~= Phenom II X3.
    FX-8120 ~= Phenom II X4.
  3. Hmm, since they are very closely priced the Phenom II 965 will give you the better balanced performance. It is older architecture but it is also better suited for current applications, I would go with the 965BE.
  4. THG article: Best Gaming CPUs For The Money: May 2012

    If you look at the last page: Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart
    You'll get a rough approximation where the any one CPU lines up in relation to all the others.

    edit; the Chart does show the FX-4100 one tier higher than the Phenom II X2s
  5. Thats only Gaming synthetics....they are a guide but far from the holy bible of things. The FX 41XX is only useful as a make way chip until PD, other than that its very iffy. The BD ship has sailed, this close to PD its not worth the investment.
  6. We have already seen piledriver benchmarks in Trinity, and it's not much faster. Maybe steamroller or excavator will be the hot ticket.

    We've seen it before with Athlon 64, the first two iterations were horrible and last 2 iterations were awesome, hopefully the same goes for bulldozer/piledriver.

    They'll be within a few frames of each-other OC'd or not.
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